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We keep a close eye on the global trends that affect our markets. These include automation, digitalisation, new construction methods, electrification, and resource efficiency. As a one-stop shop, we ensure efficiency, functionality, and sustainability by providing comprehensive expertise to support our clients throughout their projects. Through rigorous policies, training, and community involvement we address safety, welfare, and human rights.

Geert Aelbrecht

Group Sustainability & ESG Officer

Led by the SDGs and our purpose to « Excel in sustainable solutions for a better world », we believe in combining sustainability and profitability. We create new market opportunities while actively engaging with our stakeholders to build innovative partnerships that deliver solutions for environmental and social transition. Our ESG strategy for sustainable value creation is based on this.

Pierre Sironval



Supporting the SDGs

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  • Frameworks
  • ESG Strategy
  • Stakeholders
  • Governance
  • Frameworks

    The 17 SDGs are the Group’s guiding compass, of which a few were selected to help drive impactful progress.

  • ESG Strategy

    BESIX Group prioritises sustainability by engaging stakeholders, communicating progress, and integrating it into group processes.

  • Stakeholders

    Ongoing engagement with key stakeholders enables BESIX Group to understand expectations and advance its sustainability action plan and objectives.

  • Governance

    The ESG Board ensures sustainability and ESG commitments in all BESIX Group entities, operations and processes.


ESG Engagements

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  • Environment

    The Group contributes to society's transition to a low-carbon economy, implementing a comprehensive carbon management programme and engaging in circular economy initiatives. BESIX Group extends its expertise to clients, offering innovative solutions that enhance their environmental performance and drive sustainable projects forward. Read more

  • People

    BESIX Group's concern to place the comfort and well-being of its stakeholders at the centre of its activities. The Group prioritises optimal working conditions for its employees and stakeholders, both on and off site.

    Employee engagement is built around the BE Safe and WeCare programmes to support a great and safe workplace. Read more

  • Society

    The Group supports local communities by engaging with stakeholders and participating in community initiatives. BESIX Group aims to have a positive impact both in its value chain and locally at its construction sites in all countries where it operates. The projects supported by the BESIX Foundation reinforce these efforts and promote sustainable development and community empowerment. Read more

  • Business

    BESIX Group prioritises sustainability by improving existing services and exploring new opportunities. It upholds fair working conditions, ethical business practices and fosters strong relationships with employees, local communities and supply chain stakeholders. By committing to act in a responsible manner, we strengthen our competitiveness and ensure that we comply with global ethical and business standards. Read more



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Carbon Management

BESIX continues to strengthen its environmental initiatives, prioritising the responsible and sustainable use of resources. The Group wants to play an active role in the fight against climate change, monitoring site activities and collaborating with clients to implement sustainable solutions and reduce environmental impact. Specific objectives and actions have been set out.

Green Solutions

BESIX Group recognises the importance of anticipating social and environmental change. It strives to provide engineering solutions that integrate sustainability throughout the project life cycle for the benefit of stakeholders and the environment. The Group is constantly on the lookout for innovation and new ways of combining business and sustainability.



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People’s Safety & Comfort

The Group places a high priority on creating a safe workplace for employees and stakeholders. The Group's objective is to create a 'zero accidents and incidents' environment for all employees, regardless of their hierarchical level, working on the same projects, including subcontractors. In this context, BESIX Group has developed a strategy to create a strong safety culture via the BE Safe programme.

Preferred Employer

BESIX Group envisions a place where employees are fully engaged in their professional lives and find real fulfilment in their work. The Group seeks to build active relationships with its employees based on personal growth and mutual respect, ensuring fair working conditions, promoting a positive workplace and protecting the well-being of all employees. It is committed to building real diversity, including people from different backgrounds and horizons.



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Local Socio-Economy

BESIX Group has a strong connection with the local economy and labour force, given its global nature and worldwide operations. BESIX Group views each project as a unique opportunity to continually create new opportunities for local socio-economic development. We support local communities by employing local staff, contractors and suppliers. This is in addition to the activities of the BESIX Foundation, which supports local projects and NGOs in the fields of construction and education.

Inclusive with Authorities & NGOs

The Group promotes direct engagement and transparent communication with its stakeholders, including authorities and NGOs. BESIX Group's communication activities are developed and orchestrated in different ways, depending on the channels used by its audiences. The Group is in regular contact with NGOs, which mainly ask about the rights of migrant workers in the Middle East.The Group tends to communicate with its stakeholders about its activities, news, projects and policies to all at the same time.



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Respectful Operations

Through a robust risk and opportunity management framework, BESIX Group's corporate governance ensures sustainable development. The Group promotes a proactive approach to risk management by integrating risk awareness, assessment and control at all organisational levels.

Codes of Conduct

The Group conducts its business with integrity and adheres to the world's leading ethical and business standards. The two Codes of Conduct of the BESIX Group - General and Procurement - provide the appropriate sustainability & ESG framework. They allow for impartial oversight of compliance and enforcement issues.


ESG Objectives

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BESIX Group sets SDG-based objectives and defines clear objectives, aligned with ISO 26000 guidelines for proactive action.

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